last year ended and this one began with an amazing series of experiences, from dreams literally coming true to connections of friends and colleagues across the decades. holiday travels took me from tucson to truro with magical and magnificent reunions with friends. the first of the year brought new insight and freedom that followed the ring of 2018’s truth that i wrote about last month— and new songs to go with it.

we went back into woolly mammoth recording studios with rock star dave minehan for final mixes of the first 12 songs for “free today,” and followed that up with 3 additional songs (with a possible 4th) that we will add to the album with 1 or 2 possible replacements. the early reactions to this new collection have been so strong that we are looking at the possibilities for broader distribution and promotion beyond our usual publishing pursuits and regular gigs in boston/worcester and la, and, in doing so, we found some new synchronicity.

synchronicity is my gauge for right direction. when i find it, i follow it. coincidences are the leading signs and sometimes it’s hard to follow— life can be full of coincidences in different areas. i find that a brief pause clears the air for me, and after a little reflection, the path becomes clear again. and so it goes.

my east-west life looks to be kicking into high gear again, at long last. as i move back into this rhythm, both coasts are seemingly falling into a balance of their own yin -yang. when i stopped trying to figure it all out, the synchronicity started to appear everywhere. literally like magic.

i am incredibly blessed with friends and musical cohorts everywhere and the ability to follow the muse wherever it takes me. we’ve decided as a group to follow the direction of our new album and the people surrounding us, and to stretch if necessary, in this new year. we’re all excited about the early reactions and the possibilities. the van gogh brothers are an undeniable chemistry of a band, and our la-based cohorts, led by powerhouse scarlet rivera, hold fast that line out where the american sun sets.

speaking of sunsets, i spent the new year’s weekend in truro and provincetown which is one of the few places on the east coast where the sun sets over the ocean as it does in california. i’ve always been drawn to this part of cape cod, just as i’ve been drawn to malibu, and new year’s 2018 was an amazing return to a place that’s had a piece of my heart for 50+ years. there was an incredible full circle waiting for me there in my “east coast west coast.” the photo above was taken in truro on new year’s eve morning.

our january show at vincent’s was over the top with energy and attendance— with the crowd overflowing right through and after our show. we feel so grateful that vincent has been so supportive of his namesake band, the van gogh brothers, and, after all these years, it just seems so fitting and right that we continue to play that room, of any of the rooms we play in the east. we return to vincent’s for st patrick’s day weekend on saturday, march 16th.

between now and then, as always, i’ll see you in the skies above, in the tall grass, in the ones i love...


John Cate