punching the clouds

Return to Forever.jpg

As I write from 35,000 feet, I can only say I am amazed and grateful for the beautiful full life I’ve been blessed with of late. My return to the East Coast 18 months ago was filled with challenges that somehow collapsed into a rocket that brought me to greater heights— spiritually, artistically and professionally.

As spring turns towards summer, I am looking at winding down my travel schedule for a bit while adding another move that should give me the working space and privacy I need to dig deeper into writing— an essential part of life and work that’s been missing for several years.

This move came in the form of a free-standing, late-1800’s structure that has all the charm and serenity you could wish for, along with a 17’ ceiling in the main living area. As some of you might have guessed, this means I plan to remain in the Northeast for a while! We have booked a string of dates at Vincent’s for the fall for the van Gogh Brothers, and will add to the calendar as other opportunities present themselves. I look forward to a rich, creative period in the months to come.

It’s been a whirlwind since I last wrote with travels to New Orleans for Jazzfest, several business trips to New York and a return to San Francisco, LA and Malibu where I had the pleasure to hang out with my beautiful daughter and son-in-law, mastering maven Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering, Heavy Hitters Music, the Composers Breakfast Club of Malibu (featuring Tony Maserati this week!), Maestro Michael Levine and the beautiful wedding of Bijan Olia and Elizabeth Song, accompanied by my musical partner Scarlet Rivera. An amazing return to the west coast— where I will bounce back again mid-June!

We only have a couple of sessions left on the new record to complete the mixes. With mastering now lined up, we are tracking really well for a fall release— only a year late and yet right on time. The summer will give me a chance to put the final pieces in place and I am all in all very pleased with the work, which includes what I think is our very best effort so far, Let You Love Again. I’m vacillating on the title again— Free Today, Punching the Clouds, Kitchen Dancing, Love Letters— all contenders. Please let me know your thoughts…

I hope you are all getting some vacation time and either having or planning some fun for the weeks ahead. My permanent vacation continues unabated and I am incredibly grateful for good health, good kids and good music.

Sending out love to all,


John Cate