falling into place

Pieces of Life.jpg

life’s pieces seem to fall into place when i get out of the way and keep my channels open. i’ve been on the west coast recently and as i returned to one of many beautiful spots i’ve stayed over the years, i was struck by the history and synchronicity i’ve experienced at different points in time at this particular place. this special malibu cottage is owned by a friend who faced and survived life-threatening injuries, for whom i tearfully played while she laid in a hospital bed five years ago. this cottage is where i spent my last night as a full time resident of malibu two years ago. it is where i faced difficult and inevitable changes just one year ago, and this year it is where i realized how each of these experiences led me to a perfect place in present time, where all these pieces have fallen into place.

after a summer of hard work and intense creativity in boston, a return to the west coast gave me a fantastic perspective with a busy and fun series of events in san francisco and la with family, friends and colleagues. i reunited with the deep and rich music community of la and malibu and met new artists and friends from all over the world. i was introduced to the head of PMX, the palestine music expo, which i will attend in 2020, saw dozens of friends at the composer’s breakfast club of malibu where we had about 100 SRO at little beach house and caught up with the hunnypot crew at the mint, who started me on my la journey in 2011. all this plus squeeze in oakland, the deductions at the write off room in woodland hills and the beautiful wedding of jessica sutta and mikey marquart. i feel so lucky to have such loving and supportive communities east and west.

and now it’s time for the van gogh brothers to begin our “love letters” residency at vincent’s worcester, which will begin with a live premiere of the album on friday, september 27th, and a record release party on november 23rd. thereafter we will play every 2nd saturday from january through may. when we looked at where we wanted to focus our attention, worcester was an easy decision. we honed our sound at vincent’s during our 2005/2006 residency and the central massachusetts community has embraced us ever since. there is only one place to re-establish our east coast presence— vincent’s!

in the meantime, we are arranging a local worcester premiere of the video for “Let You Love Again,” the lead track on the album. i will join troy tyree on friday the 20th at noon at wcuw for a live in-studio and will play the song in its original form on my 1954 gibson parlor guitar in nashville tuning. fun!

hope you are all enjoying these last days of summer 2019. paul, clayton, steve, andy and i all look forward to seeing you in the weeks ahead.



John Cate